What Content Should I Include on My Website?

Sep 6, 2021 | Websites

Website FAQ: What kind of content should be on my website?

Going over a content plan with new clients is a great time to review the ‘who what when where why’ of a business. Give your site a quick ‘once-over’ being sure you are giving your customers enough information about WHY they should do business with you:

1. Services- this should be pretty obvious! Tell people what you offer!
2. Pricing – at the very least a range of prices or ‘starting at’ price
3. Where to find you/What areas you work in. Get specific and your SEO will love you.
4. How to contact you- this should be SUPER easy to find and repeated throughout.
5. Testimonials- SHARE those kind words! This is your proof that you are awesome!
6. Tell your story- often found in an about section. How did you get started? What do you love about your business? How are you moving forward?
7. How are you different? Why should I use you and not your competitor? We all have SOME competitive advantage. Find it and promote it!
8. Community involvement – don’t be shy! Giving back to your community is something to be proud of and will serve as inspiration for others. At the very least, you are helping your favorite causes get a little more attention.
9. Mentions in the media- promote yourself!
10. Social media links- make it easy for your website visitor to see what you’ve been up to. This is assuming you have posted something recently. If not- reach out, we have to fix that!
11. Custom photos- show your face! People still love to connect with real people. Don’t be shy showing off who you are!

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