Why Great Custom Photos for your Business are Worth Every Penny

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Ever visit a website that is text only? Did it evoke any sort of positive emotion? Probably not. I’ve seen small businesses avoid the CRUCIAL step of investing in custom pictures for two reasons- cost and they are uncomfortable in front of a camera. Get over the cost. Business has costs. The cost will range with the scope of your business and the photos you need to convey your message.

People still do buy products and services from real people- especially if you have a unique niche. But how will your customers connect with you if the visuals you are presenting are generic? Your images should represent YOU. Yes, generic stock photos have a time and a place where they are useful but custom photos can show off who you really are. Tailor these to your business. Maybe you only need a few professional headshots and maybe you need 25 different pictures for social media and website use. Do you need shots of you doing your actual work? Remember you are selling yourself, your experience & your time- the client should form an attachment to you immediately. Your business is unique to you and any pictures should help you stand out as an original!

This applies to your social media accounts as well! You want your posts seen and remembered, right? Content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without relevant images. (Source: Kissmetrics Blog)

That’s right 94%! Now let’s talk engagement. Visual content is more than 40x more likely to be shared on social media than any other types of content. (Source: Buffer Blog)

I knew launching my freelance business that custom photos could show off my personality. My future clients weren’t just buying a website, they are investing in their business with my time, knowledge, creativity, and expertise. Showing off who I am is a key component of what I do. I found a great photographer (ask me for her contact info!) who brought in “visual support” (hair & makeup– ha!) and with her guidance I have an amazing set of pictures that really show off my personality.

So ask yourself a few questions

  • What message are your current pictures conveying to your potential clients or customers?
  • What do you want those potential clients to see?
  • How should they feel when they see your online marketing?
  • Do you have a physical location or products that need to be shown off?
  • Would talking to a photographer help you define what you want?

Oh, and your IPhone camera can do some amazing things but nothing compared to a professional eye and amazing lighting. So its true, a picture is worth a thousand words… and probably a slew of new clients!