Who is your ‘Squad’? Why a professional support group is the secret to leveling up your business.

Nov 29, 2020 | Entrepreneur Life

Chances are, over the past year you have spent less time physically with other people and a great deal more time connecting virtually. What does that mean for your professional network? I’m not talking about networking where the goal is to increase the number of connections. I’m referring to situations where the goal is to build deeper connections and systems of support.

There’s a popular saying: you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. What does that look like for you professionally? Is it coworkers, business partners, and employees? Do you consciously put yourself in situations to connect with other people from a growth perspective?

Over the past year, I’ve developed some deeper relationships with other business owners and it has made a huge difference in my success and my perspective plus I’ve gained a few wonderful friends. The benefits of these relationships and a supportive community are so vast and hard to put into words. I’ve listed out some of my favorite benefits for you. Hopefully, as you start planning out 2021, a professional support group is a priority for you.

Strengthening Connections. It’s not just about the quantity of your Instagram or Facebook followers, sometimes deeper and stronger connections make all the difference. By developing relationships you can connect and grow in ways that a networking event or webinar will never allow you to.

New Ideas. I have had some of my best ideas in the middle of conversations. It’s not about copying something that someone else is doing. It’s about the questions that come up through conversation and how someone else’s perspective can help you craft new ways to solve problems.

Access to Opportunities. Not everything needs to be referrals and direct ROI. Opportunities can show up as a podcast guest spot, a collaboration idea, a new mastermind group, a service opportunity, or maybe a referral for a new client. Keep an open mind to the possibilities.

Support. In the good days and the bad days- it’s great to share them. The right community will celebrate the wins and lift you up from the lows.

Build Confidence. It’s easier to face the toughest situations knowing others have my back. Having the opportunity to help build up others feels pretty great too.

Gain New Perspective. Seeing how other people approach situations that you would handle differently can open your eyes up to new ways of solving problems and addressing obstacles.

Education. Learning and growing is 90% of entrepreneurship in 2020.

Advice. I have to say, I love that when I have a problem, it doesn’t seem as big and scary because I have a group of people that I can turn to for help. And in turn, I’m here for them when they need that ear to listen.

Feedback. When I need a fresh set of eyes or honest criticism, I know where to go. If you find a great group of people, criticism is constructive and judgment-free.

Accountability. Personally, this is my favorite benefit. It’s tough to put goals and dreams out there. But knowing that someone is going to ask me how it’s progressing is going to push me a little harder to make progress.

Do you have a group that celebrates your wins and holds you accountable? Please send me a message and tell me what you love about it.

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