Welcome to Kate Winter Digital Solutions

How Did I Get Here and Where I am Hoping to Go
Before I explain exactly WHAT this new venture is… I want to tell you a story about how I started this path.

I was 14, my father was creating the website for our family business on his own. He had a few books to help him and he had a programming background. At that point the only websites I knew how to make were the old Angelfire sites….


Scary, right?

But I took one of my dad’s HTML books and started to learn the basics of website structure and creation. Other girls were figuring out makeup and hair and I spend an entire summer coding- even though I didn’t realize what I was doing yet. I just thought it was really neat that I could make something that looked like Angelfire. Pause: let us all take a minute and be grateful that design standards are much higher today.

This was a short phase but left a huge impression on me. High school, friends, and life took up ALL the brain space and HTML was left behind. Programming classes in high school? No way- when would I ever use that?  College programming? Sure, a few to fulfill requirements but it never felt like a viable career path.

Fast forward… I am working in Sales for my family and someone has to handle the website and digital processes. “Give it to Kate,” they say. Sure, why not. I can figure this out. I have Google! 12 years later I am now responsible for web presence, processes, social media, digital marketing as well as traditional marketing for not one but TWO medium sized companies. I have picked up lots of information and experience about the right and wrong ways to handle digital and a ton of web development skills.

But I needed a new challenge. I was stagnant and stressed by working for family and raising two kids. So I enrolled in coding and programing classes to relearn and update my skills. And the nerdy fire was re-ignited. I am having fun while helping others and earning a few bucks. What could be better?

Motivational speakers always say to find the things that you loved to do as a child when searching for a passion and purpose. This is why I am so excited announce the launch of my own web design company! I am excited to help small businesses develop their space on the web while sharing digital marketing information via my blog. My experience plus my passion puts me in a unique position to help others. So whether its website redesign, a brand new launch, email marketing services, social media strategy, or just to read my blog and leave a nice (please!) comment- Welcome!. I am so happy to share this with you!