What’s a One-Sheet and Do I Need One?

Why Should Someone Hire You?

If you are a business owner that focuses on a service- a one-sheet is a great marketing piece that will showcase why someone should hire you versus someone else. Simple put, a one-sheet is a single page document that shows off who you are- it is also referred to as a one-pager or a sell sheet.

Who can benefit from a one-sheet?

  • Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Designers
  • Counselors
  • Freelancers
  • Photographers
  • Nutritionists
  • Private Instructors
  • Trainers

You can either pay a designer to create this or design this yourself in a system like Canva. Either way be sure it stays on brand. The colors, fonts, images, and wording should still feel like an extension of working with you. Let some personality shine through! Dry and boring promotional material does not get more business.

If you have multiple lines of service, it may make sense to break those into multiple sheets depending on whether or not your target audience is more likely to focus on one of your services or a bundle.

What kind of information should it include?

  1. Clean, Concise Engaging Headline

What are you know for? What problems do you solve? How are you different? Show this off!

2. Content that engages your reader

What about your background and experience make you the authority in your space? What awards or accolades are you proud of? Now is not the time to be shy! Can you show an honest statistic that will stick in someone’s mind? Maybe a ’42% reduction in cost’ on some projects? Or ’15% increase in sales leads’? This is a great place to highlight these numbers.

3. Social Proof

Testimonials and/or other well-known companies or venues you have rendered services for. If you are a speaker and you’ve ever participated in a TED Talk, that should be on there. This is also a place to highlight any specialty certifications.

4. Contact Information

Include phone number, email, website and multiple social links to professional profiles.

5. Call to Action

This isn’t meant to be subtle. Clearly walk your future client to the next steps. Is it booking? Scheduling a call? Work with your designer to be sure that this area is eye catching. My best tip here is to start with a verb. Entice action.

When your one-sheet is all finished, this document should be both physical and digital. Ideally it has a dedicated URL on your website so you can link to it from your website and email. Make sure your PDF has clickable links to websites, email, and social- this is possible with Canva Pro.

When it comes to printing, pay for good printing. Using your local print shop is a great way to support local business and really feel your paper options. You don’t need cardboard but a heavier stock of paper gives a more professional feel than your printer at home. You can also print directly from Canva, their service is reliable and inexpensive.