There is something so special and exciting about working with entrepreneurs. Their passion for what they do is absolutely infectious. They have some idea, creation, or plan that peals them away from the average American lifestyle to better themselves in a way that many write off as crazy. I’m sure every entrepreneur has been asked, “Why do you spend so much time on this” or “Can you guarantee it will be successful”?

When Lori Greiner said, “Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week” she had it right. Personally I’ll take 80 hours of work I LOVE over 40 hours of work I hate in a heartbeat. And there is no guarantee in anything in life. These people are taking a risk. They invest time, money, hours, energy, and relationships into their dreams.

I am honored to be a part of Dirk & Lisa’s dream. The Stink Bug Machine may not be the sexiest product in the world but gosh darn, I am excited to own one. This couple saw a need for this handy product and after months and months of planning and production the dream is becoming a reality. However you feel about the stink bug, head over to to learn about why their removal is important and how to get ahold of this little device before they start to take over your house. If supporting small business and entrepreneurs is important to you, don’t forget about small internet-based businesses like the Stink Bug Machine.

Congrats, Dirk & Lisa on your new adventure! I have enjoyed helping your business get off the ground.