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I love talking! And nothing gets me out of bed in the morning like sharing my message with others. I love that my experiences, missteps, failures, and successes can help or motivated someone else. Also- I’ve been told I’m occasionally funny.

All of my topics are interwoven with the theme of service. If that jives with your group, message me below to get started.

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Kate's Bio

Kate Winter Cole is a marketing consultant and designer with a background in marketing, branding, sales, management, web development, and design. In 2016 she launched ‘Kate Winter Digital Solutions’ focusing on serving the marketing and design needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations.

Her clients utilize her experience and skills to build brands, design and develop digital marketing assets, build social media presence, grow email marketing campaigns, and create strong comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Serving small business is the core of Kate’s mission, and she produces free accessible content through her podcast, Not Your Mama’s Marketing. 

Kate holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Masters from Waynesburg University. As an active member of Rotary International, she served as a club president from 2020-2021 receiving both Rotarian of the Year and Service above Self Award. 

In addition to her professional and community pursuits, Kate spends her free time with her husband, two sons, and a very dramatic Golden Doddle named Lulu.

Sample Intro

As a marketer and designer working with small business owners and entrepreneurs, I have seen the common traits that have lead them to a successful career they are proud of. However, I’ve also seen the downside when they aren’t prepared and don’t understand the perspectives and work ethic required to run a business in today’s ever changing market. 

Our hustle culture and Instagram version of life leaves many professionals living lives that lack true satisfaction, without realistic perspectives on what really matters and what it really takes to make an impact. 

In today’s world of be anything, be everything, we are missing the point. To do good work, be successful, and thrive, we need to look both inside of ourselves – do I have what it takes – and outside to the rest of the world – how can I help. 

Using the lessons that have made both myself and my clients successful and satisfied, in this session we will cover:

  • What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s landscape
  • The challenges that entrepreneurs face today
  • The importance of community and support 
  • Why serving others will take you further than your personal goals
  • How a growth mindset is the key to your future success 

Those attending will be better equipped to move forward into their professional lives understanding how a perspective of service and community is the key to entrepreneurial success. 

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Frequently Asked

Who does your website and design work?

I do. Never have and never will use subcontractors for website design and development work. Just me, with a messy bun and an extra-large cup of coffee, pouring my energy into your brand. 

The exception is any video, audio, or specialized graphic design work- such as animations. 

Do you do free promo work for exposure?
No. Free work doesn’t pay my bills or feed my kids. I suggest looking to design students for low-cost work. As I saw in a tattoo shop once: Cheap, Fast, Good- pick two
Can I work for you?

I’m flattered that you love what Kate Winter Digital Solutions is doing, but at this time we are not hiring.

Do you get paid by any of the brands you recommend?
Some, but I never promote a brand or service that I haven’t personally vetted. 
How do I get started?

Email me at hi@katewinter.com or fill out this handy form and let’s chat! 

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