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Spark a Dream is a Disney-focused blog, podcast, and video hub for Disney lovers to share, comment, and feel like part of the magic away from ‘The Mouse’. This project was co-founded by Bill Winter, co-owner of Dreamers Do Travels to established a more fun and creative outlet from the official travel agency brand. Bill and his co-founder, Lourin Hubbard, are both former ‘cast members’ (employees) of Disney parks and carry with them not only loads of knowledge about how the parks and Disney work as a whole, but they also have a sincere passion for the magic of all things Disney- parks, resorts, movies, merchandise, and more. They frequently have guests including the agents of Dreamers Do Travels to share promotions and information about other destinations.

With an active Facebook account, a blog on the Dreamers Do Travels website, and podcasts housed on Podbean and iTunes, Spark a Dream needed a website as a centralized hub for all media under one brand. They wanted branding very distinct from Dreamers Do Travels, something bolder and playful. They needed to migrate the entire Dreamers Do Travel blog, integrate video, and create links to the podcast.

The final website accomplished all of those goals. The super-bold navy and bright green color scheme is an extreme departure from the coloring and travel photos of the Dreamers Do Travel websites. The Spark a Dream site now houses all of the former DDT blog posts and going forward will house new posts from a variety of contributors- including one from yours truly! The video page showcases the weekly Facebook live videos as well as a strong promotion of the podcast channels.


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