Redford School Photography

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Redford Photography is a family owned and operated photography studio doing business in the Pittsburgh area since 1982. The are well known for high-quality family and senior portraits. Redford Photography’s recent growth has stemmed from and extensive expansion into school photography. They are currently photographing over 30,000 students a year for school portraits, team photos, dance schools, and other student organizations. With this growth, comes a need for a streamlined digital experience to guide parents to ordering systems, as well as promote picture day schedules, advertise their availability to new schools, and provide information on ordering policies. Their prior website did accomplish some these goals but lacked a clear navigation structure and modern styling.

To create the streamlined experience Redford Photography desired, we started with the school pages. Each school or organization served by Redford now has a unique page housing all necessary links, picture days, and showcases branding unique to that organization. We also built a dynamic frequently asked questions section for every school page to address many of the challenges the Redford team has come across in communication with parents. Promoting picture days and online ordering is now simplified with these easy to use link structures- for example, Canon McMillan Schools use

The website design mimics the sleek reds of the Redford Photography logo complimented by gray, white and black accents. All design is inline with the goal of a creating a clean, easy to use experience for parents and caregivers to order portraits.


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