Rachael Devore

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Rachael Devore is a wellness advocate whose new website launched in March of 2019. Rachael had a growing multi-level marking business selling essential oils but her passion for helping people went beyond selling a product. She wanted to share her knowledge of the uses of essential oils as well as her culinary background via videos and social media. At that point she was establishing herself on Instagram and Facebook but she lacked clear branding, a website, and was unsure of how to grow into other media outlets. What Rachael really needed was a way to present herself professionally not only with oils but with her culinary experience, inspiration, tales of motherhood, and desire to help others.

When we started this project together, Rachael and I spent a lot of time discussing her brand. What did she represent? What message was she trying to convey? How were we going to design visual elements of her platform to fit with her goals and message? The branding plan, logo, and photography that followed all represent the rainbow of color and experience Rachael brings to her work. The bright, bold colors, cheeky text, and highlight of her strong Instagram page all played into this strategy. Our final plan settled on a clean one-page website which clearly directs her visitors to her social media platforms, essential oil information, and bold contact options.

Branding Plan

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