3 Questions Every New Business Owner Needs to Answer

Entrepreneur Life

Many of my new client conversations sound like this “I talked to my lawyer and/or accountant and I’m all set to start my business” or “I made a website and nothing is happening” and sometimes “My business started off so great at first and now its CRICKETS”.

Yes, I would love to help you with a digital strategy but we need to really understand your business and plans before anything happens. So often, people are starting off without a clear vision.

When you build a house, you set the foundation first. The foundation of your business IS NOT your approval from the state and a bank account. The foundation of your business is WHY you started in the first place. What are you trying to accomplish?

So, to all of you starting new ventures, or maybe older, established ventures that are looking for direction, ask yourself these three questions:

WHY are you doing this? The most satisfied and successful people I work with have the clearest answers. “Pilates helped me so much, that I wanted to share it with others” “I love riding my bike and I know I can help others connect with the outdoors” My own ‘why’ is that I enjoy using my digital knowledge and strengths to help small business create beautiful websites and strong digital strategies. If you can’t answer WHY you started a business venture, it’s time to do some soul-searching.

WHO is your ideal audience? Be specific! Too often I ask a client WHO they are trying to reach, they answer ‘everyone’. Okay great, now how do we compete to get the attention of everyone human under the sun? Not possible for small businesses and entrepreneurs. What customers/clients will get the most benefit from your products and services? Who made you start this crazy venture in the first place? Are your ideal customers just like you or very different from you? Are they geographically close to you or far away? The clearer and more detailed your answer, the better.

HOW do you plan to advertise? ‘If you build it, they will come’ does not apply to our digital world, a website alone will not do the trick. Think this through. How do you find the people and businesses that you love to work with? Social media marketing, trade shows, print advertising, search engine marketing, sandwich board, referrals? Do the research. Know your audience. Know your product. Know your market. Remember- luck favors the prepared.

If you cannot answer these questions, we need to back the truck up a bit. Colors schemes, pictures, domain names, and all the fun branding come AFTER you have a clear vision and plan. Hopefully, I have made you stop and think a bit.

Overwhelmed by these decisions and need some assistance? Contact me, small business digital consulting may be just what you need. If you can confidently answer these questions, AWESOME, I’m always here to make sure your digital side is looking its best.