Moving Forward in 2021

Entrepreneur Life

Happy New Year, 2021! New year, new goals, new perspective. A positive change is like a breath of fresh air after a challenging year. However, if you think that the calendar flipping is going to cause a magical transformation in your life, you are going to be sadly disappointed. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

2020 surely kicked a few butts. If you wish it gone without learning from it, you are doomed to relive it. 

So how do you move forward with your goals when really, the only thing that’s changed is the year? 

Take Stock

What really happened last year? Don’t shame spiral but take a look at reality and see where you are. What can you control? What is beyond your control? Were there good moments and accomplishments to be celebrated as well? Appreciate the good and learn from the bad.

Reanalyze your Market

Chances are your market experienced some drastic changes. Employment levels, average income, demographic makeup- all of these changes together mean that you need a fresh market analysis. What are you doing to adjust to this new situation? 

Set Realistic Goals

A bad year doesn’t mean you can’t dream big. But if you set a high-revenue goal without a realistic plan, you are setting yourself up for a disappointing year. Use the lessons of 2020 to move forward.

Make a Plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY

Break that big goal down into smaller steps. Whether that’s quarterly, monthly, or monthly milestones depends on your goal and timeline. 

Measure Your Success

How will you measure what you are trying to accomplish? Set trackable goals that actually measure your input. Avoid goals that rely on perfect market conditions or luck. 

Celebrate Along the Way

It’s not the goal that will have a lasting impact, it’s the journey. Celebrate your progress often taking stock of how far you’ve come.