How I Manage a Crazy Month

Entrepreneur Life

I am really big on goal setting. I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, but I have goals for the year and every month I set out a plan to move me closer. Sometimes I smash those goals, and sometimes I fall flat on my face. All part of the process I guess.

So I’m sitting here on the first of March- and I’m a little terrified and thrilled at the same time! I have a heavy workload, four website projects coming together, a house in desperate need of spring cleaning, on top of raising two kids and a weekend away with my husband. It seems overwhelming at first, but I am filling out the calendar and making a plan. I am ready to kick-ass this month and I know on March 31st, I’m going to feel great. This is when I’m at my best. I naturally thrive on a heavier schedule because it forces me to be extra intentional about my time.

I encourage my small business partners in the same way- what are your goals for your business this year? What can we do digitally to move you closer to those goals? As businesses are never static and evolve over time, what changes do we need to make along the way to reflect those changes? So I encourage you at the start of this month, what are your plans for March? How will those bring you closer to where you want to be on December 31, 2018?

Make a plan and stick to it. Ask yourself, does your schedule reflect your priorities? Schedule those priorities first.

I know for me, three things fuel my growth- my faith, my family, and taking care of myself. When I prioritize these three things, everything else falls into place. When I miss deadlines or get overworked, it is usually because my big three priorities aren’t getting the time they need.

This may seem counter-intuitive to the ‘work 70 hours a week type’, but for me, more time working rarely leads to more productivity. When I make time for my faith, family, and self FIRST- I can work unencumbered by guilt, knowing WHY I am working and feeling great.

I’m off to have an amazing March. Make a plan, leave a little room for the unexpected, keep the important things at the center, and enjoy the ride.