Why Do I Need a Professional Web Designer?

Marketing & Entrepreneur Life

Free website builders are everywhere. Heck, even WordPress has a million free resources to teach you how to build a website. While these seem like a great idea when investing capital into other areas of your business, are you willing to gamble the success and reputation of your business on the least expensive option?

Your website is one of the first impressions a potential customer has of your business. The branding, design, structure, and usability all contribute to an overall impression and decision making about whether or not to contact you or visit your storefront.

This is where a professional designer can make all the difference. Aside from the convenience of avoiding a DIY disaster, there are many perks to the services a professional web designer can offer.

Time.  You have your specialty and you know your efficiencies. A web designer can save you hours, days, or weeks of time that you could spend on your own business. There are few small business owners who can spare that much time.

Better structure and user experience.  A designer can help you structure your website in a meaningful way so users will easily get to the information they need. They can also provide you with appropriate placement and frequency of ‘call to action’ type features such as ‘Buy Now’ buttons, contact forms, maps, and other ways to drive business to you.

Branding. Too often, self-made sites are constructed from a utility perspective. Business owners just want the website done with the information they think a consumer needs and forgo a clear branding plan. The colors, fonts, and imagery all contribute to brand recognition and overall feel. A designer can make sure these are consistent with other advertisements, social media, and email marketing.

Peace of Mind. Having another set of eyes on your digital presence can help you see potential gaps in your marketing, evolve your branding, and help you create a well rounded digital game plan.

If your business is struggling with digital strategy, web design, or just needs a second opinion, contact Kate Winter Digital Solutions for a no-obligation strategy call. Kate Winter Digital Solutions builds brands, designs websites, and creates strong comprehensive digital marketing strategies for business and entrepreneurs.