Rebranding & Evolving

Starting my own freelance business in late 2016, I really thought I understood what I wanted to do. I wanted to build websites. I enjoyed it, I was good at it, and I thought that was what my clients would need. Over the course of a year and many clients later, I came to the realization that I had been doing so much more because my clients needed so much more.

Planning a digital strategy can be overwhelming for many small business owners. The endless questions: domains, hosting, design, systems, email marketing, social media, paid search, search engine optimization. It has become painfully clear that small businesses truly need a digital ally, someone to help with all the ‘complicated internet stuff’, and someone to be one their team, not just a vendor trying to sell a bill of goods.

I have grown into my role as a consultant and strategist. My success has come from forming relationships with my clients and really understanding their goals and most stumbles have happened because I did not fully grasp priorities right out of the gate. I have learned that almost all conflict and miscommunication can be handled over a cup of coffee, much preferred over an email.

By learning to value the relationship over the technology, I have helped small businesses succeed in ways I did not anticipate. My clients are more confident about the way their business is presented online. While a strong, functional website is still the cornerstone of an effective digital strategy, we are looking at everything.

My goal for 2018 is to share more of that knowledge and guidance via my Journal and Linked In while offering my clients a more comprehensive digital solution.

In line with my own rebranding and updated website, I challenge you to think about your own branding. Many of my clients come to me in a time of transition. Oftentimes growth, moving physical locations, changing names, moving to an online-only store, or even a setback becomes the perfect catalyst to reevaluate your own branding, structure, or digital goals. For more information visit my website, or reach out to me for that cup of coffee to discuss you strategy for 2018.