I am so excited to show off this colorful new project, JDM Lab Solutions.

JDM Lab Solutions offers unique solutions to laboratory clients- like a boutique for labs. These unique solutions include a growing list of products which tackle common hurdles in new and innovative ways. Having worked with the team at JDM Lab Solutions before, I knew they leaned toward bright colors and bold designs. The first things we needed to create were a logo and a branding plan. The bold indigo with orange is a great contrast that stands out in the stoic landscape of laboratory marketing.  The website mimics these bold colors with bold dividers and fun backgrounds. The triangle inside of the ‘D’ represents a ‘play’ icon for music applications- thinking let’s move forward, let’s play, let’s go! These solutions will move your laboratory forward and JDM Scientific can provide those unique offerings.  

The website is built to grow. The main page houses most of the information at this time. As more products are added to their offerings, we will build more product pages, pages for each brand, and other ways to showcase their solutions and products.


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