What's Different for Holiday Marketing in 2020

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It can’t really be time to talk about the holidays, can it? Sure is! Especially if you sell consumer goods or services. This is a unique year with unique challenges and new trends. By keeping your customer’s changing lifestyle in mind, you can continue to be relevant.

Online Presence is Key

Online shopping is king. The trend has been there for years. 2020 just took online shopping to a whole new level. Take this time to update your online listings and information on relevant platforms such as Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp. Check your hours, offerings, and images. This is the perfect time for a website checkup. Be sure everything up to date and working correctly.

Shop Local…. But It Must Be Convenient

People want to support local businesses, but they want convenience. What does that mean for the mom and pop shops of the world? It means local delivery, loyalty rewards, curbside pickup. Think about a pop-up shop in a higher traffic area or combining efforts with another business to provide creative gifting options.

New Timeframe

Could this be the end of Black Friday Madness? The last thing most shoppers are going to want is to be in a super crowded shopping environment. Plus many states and localities are preventing mass gatherings causing long lines. I have been getting the impression that Black Friday will evolve into an ‘early shopping season’ and will most likely start right after the election is over. Is your holiday marketing ready to roll on November 4th?

Gifts that Win

Experience-based gifts are expected to do very well this year. Especially home-based experiences such as cooking, workouts, hobbies, and games. Searches for local travel are way up the past few months as well. As people start to move around their areas, local destinations that don’t require airline travel are a great option.

Messaging That Make an Impact

Think about incorporating messages of reconnection and togetherness into your marketing. These emotional triggers have proved very profitable for major corporations. Use verbiage about serving your customer in new, innovative ways- like delivery and curbside- or how you are making a positive impact in the community.

Could Gift Cards Be Losing Appeal?

Gift cards are super easy, but with the landscape of major retailers quickly changing, giving these as a gift can be risky. Consumers could lean on gift cards to local retailers or more physical goods. Even better- gift certificates for experiences. Major department stores are losing out, and I predict people will be wary of gifts that can’t be exchanged.

Incorporate Cause Marketing- Support the Charities and Organizations You Care About

Taking care of each other is a huge theme of 2020, and ideally our biggest takeaway from a tough year. Incorporating and promoting cause marketing is a major win for you, your business, and the charity or organization you support. This is not slimy or tasteless. The attention on your brand is shared with the cause, so it’s really a win for everyone. I suggest a percentage of sales or flat dollar amount attached to a certain product or a specific time frame. For example, 10% of all large pizzas, $1 from every candle sale, or 5% of everything purchased in-store and online on Small Business Saturday- would all be strong messages.

Go Hard on Social

Social Media usage is up significantly. As 2020 pulled us physically apart, most people leaned on social for connection, news, and updates. Connect with your audience with captivating images, frequent updates, exclusive offers, and some holiday feel-good messaging. The keys to winning social are consistency, conversation, and conversion.

1. Post Consistently

2. Have a Conversation- be responsive to comments and messages

3. Watch Your Conversion Rate- keep an eye on analytics or insights (depending on the platform) see what’s working and do more of that