Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Life

Does it feel like the holidays are starting earlier and earlier every year? Usually, I push back with a hard ‘NO Christmas until after Thanksgiving’ rule. I firmly feel that the bird doesn’t get enough love and respect. But this year on November 1, I was ready to ‘bring on the tree, candy canes, all things peppermint, and cheerful music’.

But with the holidays come the brain-racking gift-giving decisions. The entrepreneurs and business owners in your life have had a rough year. Show them some love with these great gift ideas.

Stress Relieving Gifts

Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea  I love curling up with this tea after a long day. Not too sweet, heavy on the lavender (yum!), and the tags on the tea bags are like positive fortune cookies with nice sayings. Available in most grocery stores.

We need all the calming lavender we can find right now. Try Rinse Bath and Body for lavender (or any of their scents- I love their lemon verbena) body oil, lotions, and essential oils that are luxurious and cost-effective.

Screen Fatigue Help

Blue light is everywhere. Unfortunately, blue light is most notably emitted from screens. So if you’re looking at a computer, phone, or tablet, for an extended period of time, you’re being exposed to high amounts of blue light. Which is essentially everyone in 2020. Blue light contributes to eye strain as well as other vision concerns. Blue light glasses have special lenses that are thought to block or filter out blue light given off from screens.

Book Recommendations Even the Busiest Will Make Time to Read

Stillness is the Key- Ryan Holiday. Everyone thinks we’ve had a lot of stillness this year, but your mind probably never really rested. Ryan Holiday uses historical examples and stoic teachings to make a case for stillness that will convince even the busiest of us to slow down. 

Think Like a Monk- Jay Shetty. Calm you mind with the #1 Health and Wellness Podcast host, and former monk, Jay Shetty.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson. Anyone can get a laugh out of the title, but the message of being intentional about how we think is fantastic.

Planners and Journals

Us crazy ‘type A’s’ love to plan, set goals and analyze (rinse, repeat). My favorite planner is Brennon Burchard’s High-Performance Planner. This two-month planner is a complement to one of my favorite books- High-Performance Habits. The planner is really half planner, half mindset journal. Weekly and daily prompts help you focus on what’s important in your whole life, not just the to-do list. Choose from a variety of colors or get a 6 pack to cover 12 months.

For anyone on your list, you can’t go wrong with a classy Moleskine Journal. These are well made, lay flat, and come in a variety of colors and sizes.