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Starting your own business is a dream for many people. The motivation to actually DO IT comes in different ways. Sometimes we grind it out while still working full-time for someone else, sometimes we dive in with well thought out business plans thinking we have all of our ducks in a row, and sometimes, in the case of Exceeding the Limits Media, you tiptoe into owning a business and your corporate job is ‘restructured’ shoving you off the cliff of maybe into the depths of entrepreneurship. My dear friend Brad found himself in this exact situation. Brad, along with the two other principles of Exceeding the Limits Media had been in the planning phase of this business for the better part of a year. I’m a firm believer that you have to run head first into a plan like this sometimes- we can get so caught up in the business details that we put off doing the actual work. I found myself in a similar situation a few years ago but I eventually jumped in with both feet and I’m grateful everyday that I did. When Brad’s corporate job restructured in early January, he found himself ready to jump into this new venture.

Exceeding the Limits Media offers media design and installation services for both residential and commercial clients. What does that mean exactly? When you want to build the media room, mount the TV or audio equipment, set up a presentation space, develop a comprehensive home or business network, or integrate your smart home devices- these are the guys you call. Their online presence was non-existent so we were starting from scratch. Developing the branding and marketing was a lot of fun, and I believe the final plan puts Exceeding the Limits Media ahead of their competitors with a modern, sleek, and professional design. The website reflects this with a red, black, and white color scheme, accenting animations, and bold images.


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