Dreamers Do Travels is something super special to me. This is my little brother and sister-in-law’s travel agency. They started this venture in late 2015 and the business is succeeding by every measure. Their list of agents keeps growing, the positive reviews from clients keep rolling in, and I can see the passion in them every time they talk about it. You see, this special couple met working in Walt Disney World. They have moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family but a big chunk of their hearts still live in Disney. Every chance they get, the family of FIVE now makes the trek to recapture the magic of where they fell in love.

They get so much joy in helping others plan these special trips but starting a new travel agency with no agents or clients from the ground up is no easy task. You can’t see it by the cheery Facebook posts, but these two work late into the night, while caring for three small children and he works a demanding full-time job. Somehow it comes together and every client, ticket, dinner reservation, and extra detail is worked out to perfection.

This website design presented an interesting challenge- how do we keep the whimsical and fun nature of Disney without getting too childish or silly? Their existing logo gave us a great starting point and some fun colors to pull from. What came together was a modern, clean design with a sprinkling of magic and fun.

Thank you to all the agents of Dreamers Do Travels for your positive comments! We still have big things planned! More content pages, newsletter signup from the websites, more blog content. There is so much good stuff coming from Dreamers Do Travels that I know the inspiration and joy will come through to readers. Congrats on your new site and a successful 2016. I can’t wait to see what you two do next!

Visit Dreamers Do Travels to plan your next Disney Vacation. Be sure to check out the destination page- they offer WAY more than Mickey Mouse!