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Streamline your Marketing in the Age of Distraction

Automotive marketing can be overwhelming with factory vendors, independent marketing agencies, and third-party companies inundating you with information and programs. Cut through the noise with a clear budget-conscious marketing plan designed to target your customers.

Marketing Consulting For Independent and Franchise Automotive Dealership

  • Review advertising budgets

  • Re-assess and define your target market including geography and demographics

  • Assess traditional versus digital marketing mix

  • Establishing and re-evaluating marketing channels

  • Learn how to keep your marketing vendors accountable

  • Develop branding and marketing plans for new startups, businesses in transition, and new product releases

  • Keep your marketing vendors accountable

  • Maximize social media efforts with content and targeted strategies.

  • Speaking to trade associations and dealer groups about the importance of targeted marketing strategies

About Kate

Helping businesses grow with unique, targetted marketing strategies.


NADA Dealer Academy Graduate

15 years of Experience in Automotive Sales and Marketing

Experience & Specialties:

  • Evaluating & Establishing Marketing Budgets
  • Optimizing Digital Spend
  • Lead Handling Processes
  • Branding Review
  • Sales Process Review
  • Market Analysis

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